Owner: Chivas Regal
Agency: de-construct


Content 18/25
Usability 24/25
Branding 24/25
Monetisation 22/25
Total 88/100

I’m certainly not the target market for Chivas Regal. Make no mistakes, this is a site for men. But not blokey beer-drinking, Lynx-wearing men - it’s for heroic whisky-drinking men who identify with the brand values of chivalry, courage and honour.

The site features videos of men such as Olympic medallist Ben Ainslie and Wallpaper* editor-in-chief Tony Chambers telling stories about these attributes and what inspires them. I thought I’d hate it but the more I explored it the more I found it, well, sexy. This site is an homage to the gentleman, and apparently this fabled creature drinks Chivas Regal.

It features all the usual content, including brand heritage, product information, cocktail recipes, TV ads and worldwide events page. The new Join the Movement section, which houses the brand advocates’ videos, is light on content at the moment but Chivas aims to enrol more advocates. The site is well designed and, with a bit more content, could be a hit with the target market.

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Published 16 July, 2009 by NMA Staff

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