Emma Gooderham, MD, World Addresses

The opportunity for global expansion is now, and any business failing to exploit current exchange rates is missing a major opportunity. Indeed, those few UK etailers that are taking advantage of easy international delivery are proactively increasing sales opportunities.

Yet just a small number of UK etailers can accept international address information via their sites. A key concern is the accuracy of address information and potential overheads associated with delivery delays, re-shipping and insurance. These concerns have merit - one of the major overheads for any etailer is managing genuine returns.

If a solution is to be found, its ease of use can’t be underestimated. Since typing in a full address, rather than just a postcode, can consume up to 80% of the time spent inputting delivery information, more if errors are made, organisations considering international sales need to put in place a solution that’s as quick and easy as the best postcode-lookup solutions in the UK.

If simply adding this technology to an existing etail site can open up new markets and opportunities, can any business afford to miss out?


Published 14 October, 2010 by NMA Staff

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