Channel 4 News has relaunched its website with an increased focus on in-depth news coverage and user-generated content, in a shift from competing with other broadcasters for breaking news.

As first revealed by new media age in the spring, the site will cover large news items in depth and aims to provide audiences with detailed analysis as an alternative to bite-sized breaking news (nma 22 April 2010).

It will also feature video updates and blogs from its high-profile presenters, including Jon Snow and Krishnan Guru-Murthy, to increase engagement with audiences.

Vicky Taylor, Channel 4 new media, news and current affairs commissioning editor, said, “We know our viewers strongly identify with the core values of our programme. They see Channel 4 News as challenging, distinctive and, at times, a little bit mischievous. What we wanted to do was ensure these defining characteristics also shape our online output.”

The site has been designed to accommodate commentary from users and incorporate more live blogging and real-time analysis.

Ed Fraser, Channel 4 News online senior editor, said, “We want to create a real-time conversation and buzz around the Channel 4 News programme.”


Published 27 September, 2010 by NMA Staff

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