Apple has revised the submission guidelines to its App Store, making it easier for brands and advertisers to gain access to the outlet.

Apple’s previous terms had effectively barred the use of many Adobe software tools for App Store submissions, but the new rules mean developers can now use Adobe’s Packager for iPhone.

The earlier restriction led to a public spat between the two companies and Apple was faced with anti-trust investigation from US regulators as a result ( 5 May 2010).

In a statement to the press, Apple said: “We are relaxing all restrictions on the development tools used to create iOS apps, as long as the resulting apps do not download any code. This should give developers the flexibility they want, while preserving the security we need.”

In a statement on its official blog, Adobe said: “We do want to point out that Apple’s restriction on Flash content running in the browser on iOS devices remains in place.”

The change in terms also gives developers the option of using the Google-owned ad network AdMob, which had faced exclusion from the App Store under the previous terms ( 14 June 2010).

Omar Hamoui, VP of product management at Google, said, “These new terms will keep in-app advertising on the iPhone open to many different mobile ad competitors and enable advertising solutions that operate across a wide range of platforms.”

He went on to say, “The terms provide immediate clarification about the status of mobile advertising on the iPhone and will benefit users, developers and advertisers.”


Published 10 September, 2010 by NMA Staff

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