Almost two-thirds of people are happy to pay for quality journalism but not online, according to a YouGov survey.

The report by YouGov SixthSense found 60% of a sample of more than 2,000 people were willing to pay for a quality newspapaer and 44% said they preferred to pay for newspapers, but just 2% said they were prepared to pay for the same content online.

The proportion rose slightly to 4% for the amount of people who would pay for quality newspaper content online, if they knew they couldn’t get it anywhere else for free.

Some 83% of people said they wouldn’t pay for online content at all.

James McCoy, research director for SixthSense, said, “When you’re used to receiving free reporting for nigh on ten years, you’re not going to one day start compliantly paying for the same content.”

Experian Hitwise found that traffic to the Times website, which went behind a paywall last month, has dropped from a share of 4.37% to 1.81% since it made the move ( 25 June 2010).


Published 30 June, 2010 by NMA Staff

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