Honda is launching its first crowd-sourced, social-media-activated, documentary film, Live Every Litre, following a nationwide search for ideas.

The film will make its debut in unique simultaneous location and virtual premieres at 20:00 (UK time) on 21 July. It was developed by Grey London, and was filmed during May and June across Europe.

Live Every Litre is a social-media-activated, European road-trip documentary project, which encouraged people to submit their dream journey to, where the public could rate their stories.

The best journeys were chosen and the participants invited to join the pan-European odyssey, having their experiences recorded as they drove a new Honda CR-Z hybrid coupe on their trip of a lifetime.

Over 1,000 applications were received from 28 countries and participants came from countries as diverse as Spain, Germany, Switzerland, UK and Romania. Filming took place over 38 days, starting in the Netherlands, heading down through Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and finishing at the infamous Nurburgring circuit in Germany.

The final film will focus on the stories of five of the final cast and will follow burlesque artist Agent Lynch as she brings Paris to a stand-still with the world’s first guerrilla burlesque routine in the streets of the capital; fun-loving trio The Schoolboys, who attempt the first recorded crossing of Lake Garda by bouncy castle and interrupt an international sailing regatta at the same time; Bowman, a war veteran who has an emotional return to the site where he landed during D-Day in 1944; and heavy metal enthusiast Thomas, who drives from Madrid to Lisbon to realise his dream of meeting his all-time favourite group, Metallica.

Laura Price, social media manager at Honda, says: “The CR-Z is a monumental launch for Honda. It’s a new car for a new generation of Honda fans, so it needed a new approach. We felt that the Live Every Litre project was an idea that would actually take the power of dreams philosophy and let people apply it to their own lives.”


Published 13 July, 2010 by NMA Staff

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