Rob Tarrant, MD, Brandbank

The potential for the iPad to revolutionise ecommerce is hugely exciting (nma 10 June 2010). Your report touches on the consequences for advertising, as well as the impact that usability will have on purchasing desire, yet doesn’t explore the creative licence the iPad gives retailers when it comes to product image and display.

The sophistication of the iPad lends itself to creating a superior experience for customers, and the ecommerce experiences that will be made available to users of the device will be groundbreaking and almost unlimited in scope.

A retailer’s website has long been touted as its virtual shop window; now, retailers can create an entire virtual shop where users can travel down the aisles as they would on the high street. The product imagery and supplementary information will be unrivalled as customers can zoom in on products and see videos, 360-degree views, ads, reviews and complementary items.

Online shoppers continually demand a superior service. Not only does the iPad allow this, the creativity it encourages will no doubt filter down to normal websites, allowing retailers to think beyond the barriers they’ve previously been confined to, and changing the face of ecommerce as we know it.


Published 1 July, 2010 by NMA Staff

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