A report by Mintel has revealed 11% of consumers only listen to music digitally.

The iPhone Generation report into how tech savvy UK consumers are found 57% listen to music digitally, 51% listen through an MP3 player and 11% listen only digitally.

The report uncovered that 33% of 16-24-year-olds said that their lives would be impossible without new technology.

According to Mintel, this is accelerated by the consumer desire for smartphones, such as the iPhone, which 9m or 22% of people already have, while a further 11m or 28% would like to own one.

Suzanne Smith, senior consumer analyst at Mintel, said, “Although internet-enabled mobile phones have been around for some years, it was the UK release of the Apple iPhone in 2007 that sparked major changes in the mobile phone market and in the way UK consumers use their phones. Smartphones, together with the wide variety of applications that are now available, have made accessing the internet via mobile phone a much more user-friendly experience.”

The report also found that 69% of UK consumers now regularly shop online, 61% manage finances online and 52% regularly book holidays online.


Published 16 December, 2009 by NMA Staff

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