Congratulations to Net-a-Porter’s Natalie Massenet, who was at Buckingham Palace last week to pick up her MBE. She’s joining august company that includes champion clay-pigeon shooter George Digweed (right) and one of Britain’s finest game shots. Gadfly must confess the only reason he’s heard of Digweed at all is because he received a release from the people behind the ace shooter’s new website. It turns out Digweed already has over 100 friends on Facebook, where he’s also described as an athlete. And who’s to argue?

Talking of friends, BIMA took over Koko in Camden last week for its annual awards ceremony, hosted by Alternative Genius’s Alastair Duncan, one of the digital elite and also probably the closest thing Stoke Newington has to royalty. Congratulations to Tribal DDB Amsterdam, DDB London and Stink Digital for winning the Grand Prix for their Cinema 21:9 campaign - you know, the one with all the freeze frames of a bank heist - for Philips. Congratulations to all involved. But who was the guest seen fishing his iPhone out of a urinal? And did it work again?

Another gathering of digital luminaries is fast approaching: Digital Podge. This promises to be an altogether more select affair. This year the theme is measurable fun, although Gadders wonders whether that means singles or doubles as the lunch wears on. As it’s the seventh year of the event the site, built by Line, has groovy new social media features such as LinkedIn profile stats and links to Flickr.

Not content with that, organiser Phil Jones has gone one step further by commissioning an iPhone iTrumps app from thebrightplace. This pits the legends of digital in a battle of statistics, which will form the competitive backdrop to the lunch itself. Now live on the iTunes App store, you can choose who has the most dotcom hair - always a closely fought battle - and who’ll be the last to leave the lunch.

An iPodge app is an excellent idea. A couple of years ago a colleague of Gadfly’s received a call towards the end of the lunch, at around 7pm, from his concerned other half. A tornado was ripping through north London and she was naturally keen to know whether her husband planned to return before the roof was torn off. Gadfly suggests a severe weather alert might be a useful enhancement to future releases of the iPodge app to prevent such unnecessary interruptions.


Published 25 November, 2009 by NMA Staff

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