The UK film industry has launched a series of cinema ads spoofing classic movie scenes to promote its anti-piracy message to young cinema-goers.

The campaign, called You Make The Movies, consists of four ads satirising scenes from movies such as Reservoir Dogs and Toy Story, and aims to convince young viewers that piracy prevents good movies from being made.

Developed by the UK’s Industry Trust for IP Awareness and ad agency the Creative Partnership, the campaign launches in cinemas nationwide tomorrow and will be supported by an outdoor campaign.

The pro-copyright message differs from the ’piracy is a crime’ message which the Trust promoted in a similar campaign between 2004 and 2007.

It comes on the back of research conducted by website Habbo suggesting that 25% of young people use unauthorised sources to obtain digital content and that 18% don’t appreciate the impact this may have on the creative industries.

Liz Bales, director general of the Industry Trust, said, “This kind of public education campaign can complement the Government’s plans to introduce legal measures to tackle online copyright infringement by inspiring consumers to choose legal content formats.”


Published 4 March, 2010 by NMA Staff

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