Brands should advertise across both mobile and online to generate the best brand awareness, according to research by trade body the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB), following a trial with Nationwide.

The IAB’s second major study of mobile advertising, following its Nestlé research last July, polled 875 mobile internet users after a Nationwide Building Society display campaign which ran across operator mobile sites and MSN and Sky portals.

The findings show mobile can play an integral part in helping to build brands’ awareness and that targeted mobile ads are more effective when the user experience of the publisher site is of high quality.

The IAB found that ad recognition was 43% higher among consumers who saw the ads on both channels. Relevancy is also vital, with 38% of consumers more likely to recall the ad if looking to make a purchase.

Click-through rates for the ad on publisher sites which were ranked as good or very good were 200% higher, underlining how important the quality of experience is.

The IAB will highlight the results to its members as it bids to increase ad spend on mobile above the £28.9m it estimated was spent in 2008.

Alex Bennett, digital marketing manager at Nationwide, plans to build on the trial by including click-to-call functionality in subsequent campaigns to increase the ROI.

“For mobile to become a core part of any advertiser’s marketing mix, it’s essential that it can prove its effectiveness alongside more traditional media,” he said.

“I’m keen to undertake further testing in this area with a view to using mobile as one of our acquisition channels. We have previously tested click-to-call on a small scale so the next step will most likely be an extension of that,” Bennett added.

Jon Mew, head of mobile for the IAB, said using both mobile and online channels together dramatically improved results.

“When the two channels are used together it makes a massive difference. Mobile ads can improve the effectiveness of your online campaign and vice versa,” he said.

“Mobile will raise awareness alone but it’s much better if it’s added to an online campaign as it reinforces the message,” Mew added.


Published 11 February, 2010 by NMA Staff

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