Facebook has committed to accelerate its involvement in helping the mobile industry with issues such as payment and operator billing, browser fragmentation and app discovery.

Facebook, which is expected to make significant moves into monetising its enormous mobile offering this year, has pledged to a range of initiatives designed to grow key areas of mobile media.

On a company blog, director of developer relations Douglas Purdy, wrote, “We see more people accessing Facebook on the mobile web than from our top native apps combined, so we know the mobile web is important for reach. So why aren’t more people building apps for the mobile web? We hear from developers that there are three challenge areas that make it hard to build on the mobile web: app discovery, mobile browser fragmentation and payments.”

The social network has committed to work with operators to make mobile payment more streamlined, pushing in-app billing as a way to pay for its Credits virtual currency to boost app downloads.

It is also working with device manufacturers, operators and developers via the W3C Mobile Web Platform Core Community Group to try and accelerate the standardisation of mobile web browsers, to make development across the wide range of mobile devices easier and faster.

Facebook believes both initiatives will help boost the visibility and discovery of apps that use Facebook on mobile devices.

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Published 28 February, 2012 by NMA Staff

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