Domino’s Pizza is looking to improve its mobile payments systems and boost its Twitter activity in 2012 as the company’s online bookings account for over half its orders.

Speaking with new media age, Simon Wallis, Domino’s Pizza’s sales and marketing director, said the company was looking to enhance the customer experience on digital channels.

Wallis did not rule out the possibility of customers paying for orders directly from their phone bills or by mobile payments connected to a credit account, such as Orange Quick Tap or Barclay’s Pingit, but he was unable to specify a roadmap.

“We haven’t made our mind up just yet but we’ll be looking at additional functions,” he said.

Last week the fast-food chain reported that 44% of all orders were made via digital channels in its latest earnings call, although this is now regularly topping 50%, according to Wallis.

He added that approximately 14% of all online sales are generated via wireless devices, including the iPad. “Our view is that iPad is more of an at-home device, not many are being used out of the home, which tallies with the whole trend towards dual-screening,” he said. “With mobile devices, we’re seeing a lot more of people ordering when they’re out and about, so that’s things like people ordering something on their phone when they’re on the train going home.”

The decisions have been taken as the number of mobile visitors to the Domino’s website via search engines accounts for a fifth of total traffic, hence approximately 20% of the company’s search budget will be spent on mobile.

Outside of optimising its digital strategy for mobile, Domino’s Pizza is also updating its social commerce strategy to address its audience mix.

“Facebook has worked well for us so far and we’ll continue to have offers exclusively for our fans there,” Wallis said. For instance, Domino’s recently promoted its new boneless ribs dish with the launch being marked with an exclusive offer to its fans on the social network.

However, the franchise company will re-address how it communicates via social channels, given the responsiveness of its Twitter followers compared with its Facebook fans.

“Our social focus has been on Facebook, which is reflected by us having over 400,000 fans, and around 20,000 on Twitter,” he said. “But we see a higher response rate from Twitter than from Facebook for our campaigns, so we’ll see how we can engage with consumers with the brand via Twitter.”

However, he stopped short of saying the brand would launch a Twitter brand page: “We’re just stating to get our heads around it at the moment.”


Published 22 February, 2012 by NMA Staff

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