Second-screen TV start-up Zeebox is hosting an industry-wide event to drive innovation in the multi-screen TV content arena.

The event, called Zeebox: The Future of Augmented TV, will kick off next Wednesday at Pinewood Studios (pictured). The aim of the event is to bring together broadcasters, programme makers and app developers to sound out innovative ideas around how to collaborate on second-screen content ideas.

Zeebox co-founder Anthony Rose told new media age it could act as a catalyst to making the UK a “hot bed” of innovation in this area.

“I think this will be definitive for making the UK a hot bed for second-screen innovation,” he said. “Could we, for the first time, coalesce an industry to create cool new things and unite all the fractured app developments together?”

Second-screen technology providers including BT Agilemedia, Ex Machina, IMImobile, Moterosa and Visiware are among those attending the event.

Zeebox is continuing to evolve as a product, following extensive customer feedback revealing demand for it to expand the non-social features of the app, such as ways to discover content. It is also being developed to roll out on Android mobile devices.

It also continues to develop the commercial opportunities around the proposition, having launched a click-to-buy feature on the app, which lets viewers purchase products advertised on the TV via their tablet or smartphone-enabled Zeebox app in real time ( 9 February 2012).


Published 17 February, 2012 by NMA Staff

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