Social media monitoring start-up Smesh is the latest company in new media age’s Radar series, having created projects for brands including Orange and Diesel.

In the Radar series, new media age looks at start-ups and new tech companies that marketers and agencies should be aware of.

The industry is not short of social media monitoring services but few tools use this data to create vibrant customer-facing tools and services. Smesh can be used in the same way as the plethora of other services, for listening and measuring, but its aim is to show how this data can be used in a creative context.

Smesh was started in 2009 by digital creative agency Poke’s technical director Tom Quick and is still being run alongside his work at the agency. Since then, it has powered campaigns by Orange, The Huffington Post, The Guardian and Diesel.

The most recent work by the start-up was for Diesel’s Fit Your Attitude campaign, created in partnership with Poke (pictured). To promote the varied styles of women’s jeans on offer, Diesel has given personality attributes to each style and on each page pulls in data from Twitter and Intsagram. For the “chic” style, for example, it rates which major city is most “chic” based on an analysis of tweets.

Its work for the Huffington Post UK launch included the development of a service called The Gauge, which highlighted a major story from the publication and then displayed sentiment data and engagement around the stories into “agree” and “disagree”.

For internal use of social media monitoring, Quick believes that while there has been a need for more general social monitoring, brands and agencies are starting to require more niche services.

“Now that lots of agencies, creative and media, have got the hang of what social media means for their clients, they are starting to have more bespoke monitoring needs,” he said. “Because the Smesh platform is so flexible creatively, we can develop completely bespoke dashboards and reporting.”

Going forward, Quick plans to start productising the service, creating longer-term solutions for brands, as well as the shorter projects such as the ones Smesh has already launched.


Published 16 February, 2012 by NMA Staff

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