Future Publishing has commissioned an independent audit of the interactive iPad edition of its T3 title in a bid to improve transparency within the tablet market.

The enhanced edition (page pictured right) features additional content, such as 360-degree photography, interactive reviews and picture galleries, along with different advertising content. The format is classed as more than 5% different from the print and digital print-replica so it cannot be included within the ABC figure, but Future feels it should be represented.

The audit, carried out by Bright Grahame Murray, revealed that the interactive edition delivered 14,223 average monthly sales during July to December 2011.

There needs to be more transparency within the tablet market about circulation. Enhanced interactive editions and digitally reproduced print editions are both equally important in terms of advertising and sales, so they should both be recognised. With the launch of iPad 3 just around the corner, the popularity of tablet devices is only going to rise, so there really needs to be more clarity – both for publishers and advertisers – about what is actually going on.

Lucy Tesseras

The ABC figure for print and the standard print-replica digital edition of T3 will be released later today. Future claims that these figures combined with those of the enhanced edition will deliver its highest ever circulation.

ABC states that the main principle behind reporting digital editions is that they are considered “sufficiently similar” to the print product to be represented on the same certificate. However, although shown on one certificate, print and digital numbers can not be added together for a joint circulation total.

Across its entire portfolio, Future has also confirmed digital edition sales, which includes sales through Zinio and iTunes, of more than 150,000.

Future has claimed that the interactive iPad edition of T3 was the highest-grossing app on Apple’s Newsstand and the ninth-highest-grossing iPad app on the entire App Store last year.

The publisher launched a fully interactive Android edition of T3 last month (nma.co.uk 6 January 2012).

James Ranson, Future advertising sales director of the technology group, has urged advertisers to exploit the interactive capabilities of tablet devices because placing flat ads next to interactive content doesn’t work (nma.co.uk 13 February 2012).

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Published 16 February, 2012 by NMA Staff

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