new media age takes the next step in its evolution.

In the digital media and marketing industry, there’s no time to stop. You’re bombarded on a daily, if not hourly, basis by information as the industry continues to move at a breakneck pace. Cutting through this morass is a challenge. As our new columnist, ISBA and Amex’s Alex Tait, sums up: “Nowadays, even the most competent digital advertiser struggles to keep up with everything happening in the digital space.”

To help, we’ve refreshed new media age. It’s not a relaunch but another stage in our 16-year, continuing evolution to ensure we keep pace with the development of our industry. We continue to be dedicated to championing and demystifying digital media and marketing, helping readers drill deeper to discover how the latest tools, technologies and techniques can benefit their own business.

The refreshed new media age today has a laser-sharp focus on News, Insight and Reviews.

The News section features coverage of the day’s most important stories. However, we have moved even further away from the press release approach to articles so favoured by many news sites. The new media age team will instead offer an indepth, analytical approach to key events to help you understand why they are important and what lessons they hold for developing your own business strategy.

To help develop these ideas further, the Insight section offers expert opinion from the new media age team in addition to views and comment from experts across the industry. Here you’ll also find our roster of regular columnists, sparking debate to help you think harder about your digital strategy.

Finally, the Reviews section features hands-on reviews of the latest technologies, tools, sites and apps, to help you understand how digital strategy can come to successful fruition, or not.

We’re also launching nma Loves. We’ve got strong views at new media age and nma Loves will be our stamp of approval on anything we cover that we are really impressed with. Think of it as a rubber stamp on anything from a new website to an industry initiative to a challenging piece of thinking.

Matching any smart digital brand, we see as existing in a state of perpetual beta. So I’d love to hear your thoughts on what we’re doing well and what we need to improve. I guarantee your views will be fed back into making an even better core hub for the digital media and marketing industry.


Published 14 February, 2012 by NMA Staff

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