BlackBerry’s share of the smartphone market remains ahead of Google’s Android, while Apple’s iOS is still the clear market leader, with over 40% of smartphone users, according to research.

BlackBerry’s UK market share stood at 33%, while Android’s was 21% and Apple commanded a 41% share, according to the statistics revealed by digital agency iCrossing.

The statistics were compiled by StatCounter and analysed by iCrossing using tracking code on over 3m websites to assess the dynamics of mobile usage across 15 global markets (see graphs below).

However, when compared with similar figures from early last year, the results show that Android has almost doubled its UK market share in the past 12 months, resulting in marginal decline in both Apple and BlackBerry’s numbers.

Gregory Lyons, research and insight manager at iCrossing, said, “In the UK, Android has grown by 10%. This has mostly been at the expense of Nokia and BlackBerry, which have fallen 2% and 7% respectively. BlackBerry will continue to fall unless it comes out with some great handsets, which there doesn’t appear to be many of on the horizon.”

Lyons also noted that Android is in the ascendancy in almost every market analysed by the agency, although he noted that Apple’s market share in the UK and beyond was resilient.

“Through the sheer weight of numbers of manufacturers bringing out handsets [which use the OS], Android is just steaming ahead,” he said. “It’s the one to beat. But while Apple’s share may have dipped a bit, it’s still holding even.”

Source: iCrossing


Published 2 February, 2012 by NMA Staff

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