Evian has launched an alpine experience in London through an experiential and social media campaign, promoting the purity of the brand.

The campaign, which launched last week on the water brand’s Facebook page, aims to replicate the purity in its product by placing an alpine experience on London’s Southbank.

From today, the specially created unit will give passers by a short demonstration of pure, alpine experiences, including detoxing food and drink. Alongside the event, Evian Facebook fans will be able to vote on surprise experiences for those at Southbank, including Husky puppies and opera singing.

The company then plans to use video and photo content from the experience to spread the message to its wider online audience.

Blandine Stefani, marketing director at Evian, told new media age, “It’s a nice way to summarise the purity and alpine experience by putting it into a London environment. It’s a really relevant message at this time of year as everyone is looking to detox.”

Stefani said that stunts such as this help to widen awareness of its brand message but the link to social media is part of a wider CRM drive.

“We have a two-tier approach to our CRM and digital strategy,” she said. “We have a core of loyal fans who we make sure we reward and encourage to buy more into the brand via our community Le Club. This involves targeted messaging and opportunities around events such as London Fashion Week and Wimbledon. Then on a wider scale, we take a Facebook approach because we recognise that in the digital space you can’t just talk to your most loyal fans.”

The campaign was created by PR agency Shine Communications.


Published 12 January, 2012 by NMA Staff

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