In the advance of the Top 100 Interactive Agencies 2012, coming in May, new media age talks to previous year’s entries in the Most Respected table about their predictions for the year ahead. Continuing with Toby Horry, MD of Dare.

Dare ranked joint sixth most respected agency, as voted for by its peers, in the last edition of the Top 100.

Horry said agencies and brands need to work harder to attract the attention of time-poor consumers. “You’ve got to work extra hard to deliver something they want to spend time with and assume a consumer would rather not spend time with you than they would.”

Horry pinpoints to the agency’s work for Vodafone last year when it created loyalty rewards programme Freebee Rewardz.

“The site allows consumers to spend time with the brand and get value from it. It’s a positive benefit to the Vodafone brand and is as important as a TV ad or our Bailey’s idea [a Facebook campaign], coming at it from different ideas, thinking of ideas people want to spend time with.”

Last year marked the first full year of Dare’s merger with ad agency MCBD to form a single creative, digital and broadcast shop.

Commenting on the past year, Horry said the merger had led to staff gaining new skills.

“I wouldn’t say it’s been totally straightforward but now we’re one agency and you can’t see the line,” said Horry. “It’s not a question of everyone being a generalist now as clearly if people are really good at specific things we shouldn’t shy away from that. If people were always doing one thing, now they can learn new things. It’s really exciting because of the diversity of opportunities we’ve got.”

Looking ahead, Horry said he feels positive about the next year.

“There’s an unknown about the Euro, the Jubilee and the Olympics and ongoing uknown about the economy in general,” he said. “However, at Dare I’m feeling very positive because we’ve created something that has appeal and a skillset that other agencies don’t have so we’re positive about delivering good stuff for clients.”

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Published 12 January, 2012 by NMA Staff

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