Orange has become the latest entrant to the burgeoning tablet market with the launch of an own-branded Android tablet.

The Tahiti (right), which features a seven-inch multi-touch LCD screen and a five-mega-pixel camera, is Orange’s attempt to take a slice of the booming tablet market, currently dominated by Apple.

Customers purchase the device on two price plans, either for £69.99 on a £25-a-month, two-year contract or for free through a 24-month plan with the San Francisco II mobile phone.

The tablet runs on the Android Honeycomb operating system and gives customers access to thousands of Android apps.

Recent research by Orange found that tablet use cannibalises TV consumption and is more likely to boost m-commerce than smartphones ( 29 November 2011). It found that tablet owners were 50% more likely to make a purchase on their devices compared with those who just owned a mobile.

The uptake of tablet devices is expected to soar this year, driven by major sporting events such as the Olympics. Research by Futuresource predicts strong growth between now and 2015, fuelled by increasing content and prices decreasing.


Published 10 January, 2012 by NMA Staff

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