Anti-Slavery International has launched a campaign on Twitter to highlight use of child labour by some chocolate manufacturers.

The Choco-coat campaign, created by Lean Mean Fighting Machine, takes a rude or controversial tweet and ’sugar coats’ it as a nice sentence. Users can then forward this to friends, who can click to reveal the original message.

The charity hopes the light-hearted campaign will raise awareness of child slavery in the chocolate and cocoa trade by highlighting the difference between the official statements given by chocolate manufacturers over Easter and the reality.

Anti-Slavery International’s director Dr Aidan McQuade said, “We want to spotlight the plight of the thousands of children forced to work to produce the raw ingredients of the easter eggs we’ll soon be enjoying at home. It’s unacceptable that cocoa traders aren’t doing more to ensure they’re not buying cocoa harvested by children trafficked into slavery. The campaign is a bit of fun but it raises serious issues and, we hope, will spread the word and perhaps force the cocoa traders to take long-overdue action.”


Published 21 April, 2011 by NMA Staff

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