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    Some nice touches on this health food site. You can look at your past boxes and rate the snacks in order of bin/try/like/love, as well as share them with your friends via social media. The slick registration, account and delivery process may not be new or inventive but the seamless way it wraps all the processes is an impressive use of digital media.
    Lovely smooth animation with nice art direction conveying the story simply and effectively. A slick creation from start to finish.
    Although at first this site navigation may seem a little confusing, you soon get the gist of it. It is good to see a new way of moving around a site instead of the way we generally have.
    Collect images from anywhere on the web and use as a lightbox to share them with people. There’s a plug in for browsers that makes it really easy too.
    As mad as a box of frogs, but would you expect anything less? It has long loading times but is well pieced together, varied and fun. But maybe turn the sound down if you’re in the office.

Published 14 April, 2011 by NMA Staff

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