Absolute Radio has claimed a 10% lift in brand awareness following its Rock ’n’ Roll Football mobile campaign that used Apple’s iAd platform.

The commercial radio network revealed iPhone users spent an average of 88 seconds within the ad, 18 seconds longer than the current iAd benchmark.

The average time spent per person peaked at 101.8 seconds, while the average click-through rate was 1.19%, peaking at 1.3%.

Absolute Radio’s chief operating officer Clive Dickens said the iAd campaign, which kicked off last December, was a “significant” investment but the short-term results have been substantial.

Absolute Radio was one of the first brands to launch a campaign using Apple’s ad network launched in November (nma.co.uk 18 November 2010).

Apple’s initial pricing structure, which new media age understands to cost upwards of £600,000 per campaign, triggered concern among media agencies that many brands couldn’t afford to explore the platform (nma 25 November 2010).

However, Dickens said the cost is in line with the length of contract with Apple for each campaign. “We’re talking about the best part of a year for an Apple relationship, which makes the ROI significant,” he said. “We’ll definitely be looking to rebook.”

He added it’s not Apple’s mobile ad platform alone that Absolute Radio is looking to invest in. “This isn’t about an obsession with Apple. Mobile location and the associated highly targeted ad opportunities will be massive for us this year, and we’ll use the results of the iAd campaign as a benchmark,” Dickens said.

The radio network saw its mobile listeners quadruple in the run-up to Christams, with 353,000 hours streamed via mobile during November, up from 87,000 the previous year (nma.co.uk 16 December 2010).


Published 16 March, 2011 by NMA Staff

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