Unicef has launched an integrated campaign, featuring a Twitter competition, to highlight the impact of climate change on children around the world.

Activity centres on an animated video, narrated by broadcaster Jon Snow, which shows a child – Climate Kid – evolving exaggerated body parts to help him cope with the predicted impacts of climate change, such as increased temperatures, flooding and droughts.

Unicef is supporting the video with an online ad campaign that encourages people to change their Facebook status to ’I’ll need…’ followed by the suggestion of a new or improved body part to help them continue living how they do today.

This will also run on Twitter, where users can win limited edition artwork from illustrators who have created their own versions of Climate Kid.

The campaign aims to raise money for Unicef’s Carbon Positive initiative, which aims to ensure children have access to clean water, food and schools.

Lucy Stone, Unicef UK’s climate change manager, said, “If we can help these children become more resilient to their changing environment, we can help them to take control of their lives and thrive. We can all play a positive role to help put this right and Climate Kid is an inspiring way for us to get this important message across.”


Published 8 March, 2011 by NMA Staff

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