BBC Worldwide has picked six digital media start-ups to kick-off its first Labs initiative.

The commercial arm of the BBC has launched the mentoring scheme ‘BBC Labs’ to help UK digital media start-ups develop with the view to potentially working with them on a commercial basis later on.

It has selected six start-ups that offer a range of specialties across mobile, video, kids, games, cloud delivery, and education.

MiniMonos (pictured above), wireWAX, Foodity, Krowd 9, Flooved, and KO-SU are the chosen finalists (see more detail about each start-up below).

As part of the six-month programme, due to kick off on 10 September, it will offer office space at the BBC’s London offices, along with mentoring. The start-ups will be given the opportunity to work closely with experts across technology, content, marketing, sales, advertising and legal divisions within BBC Worldwide.

More than 75 companies applied for the programme, which led BBC Worldwide to open up an additional place, having initially intended to select five start-ups.

* MiniMonos is a free, children’s virtual world brand, aimed at six to 12 year olds. It is an ethical brand aimed at encouraging children to take part in real life eco-projects as well as interacting on the site by playing games and earning avatars. The site has already over 1m registered users.

* Foodity provides web tools that aggregate data , aimed at helping publishers, retailers and brands monetise recipes. It creates eCoomerce tool kits with features including one-click shopping baskets.

* Flooved is an online subscription platform designed for students. It curates a selection of content including university textbooks, video media, and trade non-fiction that can be accessed via multiple web-enabled devices.

* Ko-SU is a mobile platform created for the purposes of anyone wishing to teach via a mobile device. It caters for school teachers, small and large businesses, helping any educational process become more easily accessible via mobile devices.

* Krowd 9 (no website) is a cloud-based mobile app platform specialising in delivering second-screen ‘sports social broadcast’.

* wireWAX is a video-based tool designed to add clickable hotspots to any moving person or object within a video. They can also add features including SoundCloud tracks, Instagram images, YouTube videos to render the original video more interactive.

More to follow...


Published 16 August, 2012 by NMA Staff

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