Owner: Asda
Agency: LBi


Content 18/25
Usability 20/25
Branding 21/25
Monetisation 20/25
Total 79/100

Money is a horrible, confusing matter for anyone. When simplified it can make life a hundred times easier and that seems to be the mantra that Asda has adopted when relaunching its financial website. Rebranding it from Adsa Finance to Asda Money very much sums up what the website now stands for.

It is very simple and somehow still seems serious but in a non-intimidating way, perhaps that’s the effect of the omnipresent lime green Asda branding.

The home page is very visual, with large images across a page-wide carousel style menu. Below that is a live currency scroller which should be even more important during summer holidays. You can navigate via the featured articles or products in the carousel or by using the drop down menu which is ordered in a simple, standard way.

Below the fold is a news section which is utilised to point to financial updates and news or research that is then lined to an Asda Money product, such as Over 50s Life Cover. There could be more made out of the content aspect to the site but also there is stiff competition online in terms of financial content and too much content may kill the beauty of the simplicity on this website.

Instead of extra content there are a few handy tools such as a Household Budget Planner and a Balance Transfer Calculator, which lets you see how much better off you’d be with an Asda credit card.

While everyone is shunning banks and feeling generally negative towards financial practiitoners, the approachable branding taken on by Asda can do nothing but good and is very much in keeping with the wider brand ethics. The site is very easy to use and while it’s rarely a pleasurable experience to manage finances online, Asda at least makes you feel comfortable, particularly when taken into context against its rivals financial online offerings.

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Published 17 July, 2012 by NMA Staff

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