Google has launched Adwords for Video out of beta, letting advertisers create and manage video campaigns across YouTube and the Google Display Network via the same interface.

The internet giant’s extension of its paid search ad system to video means advertisers can manage campaigns using the same Adwords interface for search, display and mobile ads.

Google first revealed its plans to officially roll out the product this Spring, last month, having launched it in the US last September ( 6 March 2012).

The product has been designed to help boost take-up of its interactive video ad format suite Trueview, comprising In-stream, In-slate, In-search and In-display formats, all of which are sold on a cost-per-view basis.

Advertisers can set their own cost-per-view budget and bid via the same auction model as Google AdWords across the TrueView ad formats, using a single interface. They can then monitor how many times the video has played and been viewed, along with the average cost-per-view. It will also show demographic viewer data and on which channel they first discovered the video.

Brands including Orabrush have been trailing the product throughout the beta period. The hygiene brand’s chief marketing officer Jeffrey Harmon previously told new media age Adwords for Video will drive the online video market and increase competition. “We can iterate faster now with the new platform, and so it makes it easier for us to get to optimal conversion rates now that everything [search, display, mobile, video] is integrated within Google AdWords for Video,” he said ( 10 April 2012).

Google claims YouTube video ads drive an average 20% increase in traffic to an advertiser’s website, along with a 5% hike in searches for their business.

The launch follows the closure of Google’s paid content platform for online news publishers, which rolled out last year. It said in a blog post it will work with existing publishers to make the transition from One Pass to other platforms including Google Consumer Surveys, launched last month. This is designed to let publishers monetise content by giving readers the choice to take part in a microsurvey in order to read an article.


Published 23 April, 2012 by NMA Staff

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