Absolute Radio’s #nowplaying campaign on Twitter earlier this month drove online listening up by 7%.

Earlier this month Absolute Radio, as part of its ad campaign Faces For Radio, ran a Promoted Trends and Promoted Tweets campaign on Twitter, designed to promote its no repeat guarantee pledge, showing off the range of music it plays throughout the day.

Using the popular hashtag #nowplaying, which is used by Twitter users to show what song they are playing (whether using Spotify, iTunes, Radio or physical formats), Absolute Radio presenters asked listeners throughout the day to tweet using #nowplaying, @absoluteradio and also the song playing to be able to win a prize.

The campaign was also tied to outdoor activity which showed real time tweets by listeners on billboards.

The activity drove over 76,000 tweets using the @absoluteradio Twitter handle that day, although it may have driven more activity but this would have been harder to measure without using the handle (see image below, which shows the variety of traffic using the hashtag on the day of the campaign).

Although Absolute Radio paid to be a trend that day, it also recorded that over 41 of the artists played throughout the day ended up trending on Twitter without any additional spend.

The activity on the social media channels were directly attributable to the 7% growth in online listening and the effect on offline listening is yet to be established.

Clare Baker, marketing director for Absolute Radio, said being able to track the activity via Twitters analytics platform was a key part of the decision to run a campaign on the site, which helped them track the activity generated by Absolute Radio amongst the generic #nowplaying activity.

“The media we bought needed to be real-time. In theory I’d have loved to buy on radio, but we can’t. Part of the reason we did this with Twitter was because it could be fully measured online too. The extra analytics is another reason why we booked this campaign with Twitter,” said Baker.

Another issue circumvented with the use of Twitter was that they could use and promote music within the ad creative without playing the actual music, which requires additional licensing and costs.

Absolute Radio are continuing to use paid ads on Twitter using the Promoted Tweet format to help promote messages from certain DJ’s and shows. Absolute Radio worked with media agency MEC on the campaign.


Published 26 March, 2012 by NMA Staff

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