Apple heads the list of the top UK retailers whose sites are not optimised for mobile web usage, according to a snapshot study conducted by new media age.

new media age tested the UK’s top-10 retail sites (as rated by data from ComScore) using Google’s GetMoMeter, a tool it launced this month to help brands see whether their site is mobile optimised ( 14 March 2012).

The results give a snapshot of how leading UK retailers are prepared for the rise of m-commerce as most of the UK’s mobile users now own a smarpthone.

The study shows that only a minority of the sites were fully optimised and scored full marks via the service. Apple, manufacturer of one of the most proliferate smartphones, scored zero out of a possible score of five and does not display fully when tested using Google’s GetMoMeter.

Apple’s site, the second most popular site, was tested via both the Google GetMo site and separately on an iPhone and on both occassions it failed to display clearly on the mobile screen.

Amazon, Tesco, Next and Home Retail Group’s Next all scored full marks with their sites meeting the criteria of images appearing clearly on a mobile screen, text being visible without having to zoom and easy clickthrough.

Google’s own shopping site, which is listed as the fifth most popular UK retail site according to ComScore, scored four out of five, with the site falling short by not having its shopping cart visible on the page (see gallery).

Also finishing with zero points was price comparison site SupaPrice, the ninth-most popular site on the list, which failed to display properly when tested on the GetMoMetre.

The five questions used by Google to determine whether a site is optimised are shown in the image below:

Full Results:

Amazon 5/5 0/5

Home Retail Group (using Argos as an example) 5/5

Tesco 5/5

Google Shopping 4/5

eBay 4/5

Rakuten (using as an example) 4/5

Wal-Mart (using Asda as an example) 4/5

SupaPrice 0/5

Next 5/5


Published 23 March, 2012 by NMA Staff

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