Over 15% of Net-A-Porter’s online audience visit its properties via mobile devices, with the luxury fashion retailer’s mobile audience growing five percentage points from 10% to 15% in the past six months alone.

The stats were revealed earlier today by Sarah Watson, Net-A-Porter’s group mobile manager, speaking at a panel session hosted at the FT’s Digital Media conference, where she spoke with brands including eBay and LivingSocial.

During the panel, she also said the online retailer has 4m monthly unique users indicating that its total mobile audience, including tablet users, numbers around 600,000 unique users per month.

Net-A-Porter, which launched an updated version of its iOS and Android apps recently, sees the majority of its users come from Apple devices but there is a gradual shift towards Android at present, added Watson.

Speaking about the balance between smartphone users and tablet users, Watson also explained that Net-A-Porter’s smartphone apps were more focused on the core shopping experience, while its iPad app focused on editorial content because usage of such devices is primarily at home or in cafés.

Also speaking on the panel was Olivier Ropars, eBay senior director, Europe, mobile commerce, who said that its strategy of launching mobile apps for specific verticals, such as fashion and automotive, was to better understand what users want before integrating these features into its core app.

“The way we see mobile is that it will blur the line between online and offline,” he said. “For commerce, the mobile will have the same impact the iPad has had on publishing.”

Similarly, fellow panelist Peter Briffet, Livingsocial UK’s MD, explained that it was rolling out a hyper-local instant deals service in London where it had to give iPads to 500 merchants to aid redemption.

During the session, he also said that LivingSocial’s mobile audience was 50:50 between Android and iOS but the growth of its Android users far out stripped Apple.


Published 8 March, 2012 by NMA Staff

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