Orange has released its latest Exposure research study containing information on teen demographics for the first time, showing mobiles are their primary device for accessing media.

The operator group’s annual study conducted by TNS examines consumer habits in the UK, France and Spain including media consumption on both tablets and smartphones. 

This edition of Exposure debuted information on the 11-18 year old demographic indicating that smartphone penetration in this demographic was 83% in the UK and 95% in Spain.

In addition, 92% of UK teenagers surveyed agreed with the statement that mobile is a “way to always have a media device at hand.” Furthermore, 55% of this group said they prefer their mobile over other equipment because it’s “mine and no one else’s” so “I can access what I want, when I want,” according to the study.

The research also revealed a strong appetite among teenagers for social networking and social TV, interactive apps linking live TV with social networks, with teenagers in the UK spending on average of ten hours a week on social networks.

Orange’s research further confirmed the popularity of Blackberry devices among this demographic with BlackBerry penetration among teenagers in the UK and Spain two- and three-times higher respectively than the overall mobile media user population.

Meanwhile, the overall study demonstrated that Android penetration has increased among total mobile users with Apple’s dominance of the smartphone market decreasing as a result of Android’s increase in popularity.

One out of every two mobile users owns an Android device in Spain according to the research, while in the UK this figure is at 38% – representing a 14% increase year on year.

The study also found that the increase in the number of tablet device users is also helping to change consumers’ media consumption habits with users of such device increasingly employing them to replace their PC usage – in the UK this is 62%.

Dual-screening, among both smartphone and tablet users, is another emerging trend according to the study with nine in every ten accessing the internet while simultaneously watching TV according to the study.

A further examination of this behaviour, also found that one in three mobile users investigate potential purchases based on something they watched on TV and over one in four responding to short codes included in TV adverts.

Stephanice Hospital, Orange EVP, digital audience and advertising division, said, “The question that every advertiser and brand should be asking themselves is ‘am I on top of this new consumer usage and am I using mobile marketing to its full potential?’”

Now in its fifth year, the Orange Exposure study is based on 2,000 face-to-face interviews in the UK, France and Spain and an online survey of over 1,000 mobile media users and 300 teenagers in each country.


Published 29 November, 2012 by NMA Staff

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