Downloads of the top 300 apps in Microsoft’s Windows Store are three times higher than those in the Apple Mac App Store just a month after the official launch of Windows 8 according to research.

Analytics firm Distimo has released the statistics in a report that disclosed that Microsoft’s Windows Store already has more apps, just over 21,000, than Apple’s Mac App Store, which contains 13,000 apps, see chart below.

Although Distimo did add that Apple’s Mac App Store is still doing much better than Microsoft’s Windows Store in terms of paid volume with five times as many paid-for applications.

Source: Distimo

The statistics were compiled since the launch of Windows 8 in late October, crediting much of the success to the widespread availability of local content on Windows Store. 

“Overall 10% of all applications in the rankings are locally popular only. This is even higher when we disregard the small countries,” read the report penned by Gert Jan Spriensma, an analyst at Distimo.

“In Japan, for example, 41% of all top 300 applications are locally popular only, and also in Korea, where about 30% of all top applications are locally popular only.”

Source: Distimo

The study also found that approximately 14% of the apps available on Microsoft’s Windows Store were premium apps, see chart left, this is compared to Google Play where 35% are paid-for apps and Apple’s Apple Mac Store where 84% of apps require payment.

“It [Microsoft’s Windows Store] still has a long way to go to reach the amount of apps in the Apple App Store or Google Play, which both have over 600,000 available applications,” according to Spriensma.

“Still, there has been no store thus far that had that many available applications after just one month in business.”

Meanwhile, Microsoft is continuing to promote Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 in its bid to maintain its lead in the PC market and claw back market share from Apple and Google in the mobile market.

Emirates Airlines is one such brand to have backed the launch of Windows 8 by currently piloting a Windows 8 app on up to 100 craft called Knowledge Driven In-flight Service.

The CRM app is aimed at improving in-flight service helping the airline’s cabin crew attend to passengers while in transit by facilitating in-flight upgrades in return for loyalty points, etc, according to Kevin Griffiths Emirates’ SVP, cabin crew, with a full roll out planned should the pilot meet requirements.

“We strive to differentiate on service and we’ll be rolling out things like more craft with Wi-Fi,” he added.


Published 28 November, 2012 by NMA Staff

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