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Honda has launched the DO-MORE-NEW ‘web experience’ as part of its promotional activity for the CR-V, which is designed to show off the car in various locations around the UK.

On arrival users are asked to enter their postcode before choosing from one of four terrains: snow, forest, urban or mountain.

I selected urban and was presented with York, including a real-life view of the area using Google Street View, as well as current weather information, time and places to stay (althought this included just one suggestion). I’m not sure how this particular location was decided upon because my first impression of the road that flashed up was that a car wouldn’t actually fit down it (see picture below).

However, the other information provided, particularly that about the car and how it can be used in a city such as York links up nicely. As I chose an urban location the fact the car is fuel efficient and has an ‘Idle Stop’ system is very relevant. I was also shown key stats about what the journey from my current location would involve. I was informed that I am currently 174 miles from York and that the fuel saving in the new Honda CR-V would be 15.86% compared to the old version of the CR-V, which helps to put the benefits of the car into perspective and make it more tangible for any potential customers.

Locations range from Snowdonia to the Hardknot Pass in Cumbria and all provide similar information about how the Honda CR-V’s features and functions can help users adapt to their surroundings.

Information about where the nearest dealership can be located is also included on the page, encouraging users to follow-up on their initial visit, as does the opportunity to download my “experience” as a take away pdf (pictured right).

The site is also mobile-optimised and rather than having to type in my postcode I could ask it to use my current location. The format is the same, but it has been laid out in a much simpler way for mobile use with content stacked up in a linear way.

Overall the site is a nice idea and is executed well, but it could run the risk of appearing like a travel site that is lacking in content, rather than a promotional site for the Honda CR-V. That said, the elements which do focus on the car are well put together and make people think outside the box. It provides information that can sometimes be quite dull (such as details of the Vehicle Stability Assist system) but puts it in the context of an actual journey and applies it to a real life situation which livens it up somewhat.

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Published 26 November, 2012 by NMA Staff

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