The number of UK online gamers grew 9% annually to top 33.6m as of the third quarter with 64% spending money on titles including Angry Birds and Halo, according to the latest survey from GameHouse and NewZoo.

Console-based gaming still dominates the sector with 75% of gamers using this platform and 71% self-identifying as mobile gamers, (see chart below). 

Source: Source: GaneHouse, Newzoo

The two companies arrived at the figures after a sample survey of over 17,000 people in Q2 and Q3 finding that, while many have assumed the gaming audience consisted primarily of middle-aged women, there was a 50:50 split between males and females.

Furthermore the age range of the UK gaming market has also levelled out and is now evenly split across all age ranges, (see graph below).

The study also examined cross-platform media consumption, finding 77% of correspondents spend under three hours consuming print a week while 56% spend less than three hours a week listening to radio.

Meanwhile 56% said they regularly skip advertisements when watching TV, while nearly three quarters (72%) of those questioned record programmes to watch at a later date – when ads can easily be skipped.

The study also found that 19% of participants pay more attention to adverts while gaming compared to those on TV while over 51% agreed gaming is a much more stimulating medium than TV, (see pie chart below).

Rumbi Pfende, GameHouse’s UK country manager, said, “The research proves and confirms what we have known for a long time, that the way we consume media in the UK is changing dramatically and finally we can provide marketers with hard data to show how effective gaming is as a credible media choice in comparison to its more traditional cousins.”


Published 22 November, 2012 by NMA Staff

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