Car sales marketplace Auto Trader has launched Ignition, a monthly tablet magazine designed to make searching for vehicles on mobile devices simpler.

The digital edition has been developed using publisher Future’s proprietary digital publishing tool FutureFolio, which it has now begun licensing to third parties.

Jamie Magazine was the first publication out of the Future family to launch an interactive edition using the software ( 26 October 2012).

Ignition aims to provide motoring advice, as well as in-depth car tests and an integrated search functionality which lets readers load dedicated search results from Auto Trader’s classified listings.

The publication also includes a live Twitter feed with information about different vehicles for sales via Auto Trader, and lets readers post to their Facebook page from within the app.

Nick Gee, Auto Trader director of mobile, said, “Mobile is an extremely important and growing channel for Auto Trader. With over one million unique users per month accessing Auto Trader on iPad we wanted to create an interactive and innovative publication that the audience can engage with at their convenience.”

Ignition is available on iPad only initially at an introduction price of £1.49.

Talking to new media age at the end of October, Mike Goldsmith, Future’s editor in chief, digital editions, said, “When we first went out to market [with FutureFolio] we wanted to work with smaller publishers to test the waters. We wanted to make sure there were no problems we needed to flush out. We are now having conversations with big and medium-sized publishers too.”

Future has used the software internally across its portfolio, which includes fully interactive editions of Total Film and Edge, enhanced versions of magazines like Future Music and flat page turners.

New media age revealed that Future was considering licensing out the tool in July ( 12 July 2012).


Published 19 November, 2012 by NMA Staff

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