Comparing Samsung and Apple head-to-head, ads for the Galaxy S4 massively outperformed the iPhone 5 by attracting 89% of the total shares for the two devices.

Furthermore, on average Apple iPhone 5 ads attracted 61,571 shares per video – 79,352 fewer than Samsung delivered with the Galaxy S4.

Looking at the three most shared smartphone ads of all time, Samsung came first and third with ‘Unleash your fingers’ and ‘S4: sound and shot’ respectively, while the Nokia Lumia 800 came second with its Deadmau5 stunt in London. 

Video games

The Unruly report also looks at ad shares for tablets, browsers and consoles, but more interestingly it reveals which video game ads have proven to be most popular.

Many of the world’s biggest gaming franchises have new titles out this year but Grand Theft Auto 5 has been attracting the most buzz, accounting for 48% of video shares and 52% of the views.

GTA 5 also had the highest number of average shares per video at 192,000, 54% more than Call of Duty: Ghosts with 125,000.

The data in Unruly’s report comes from analysis of the top 100 most shared ads across each product set from leading consumer tech brands. 

The data set covers all time shares using Unruly’s technology, which has been tracking video sharing data since 2006. Stats were recorded on August 16, 2013.