The Swatch Group
Analyzed by Lauren Picarello 

The Swatch Group isn’t hiding anything this week as it continues to ramp up efforts across the globe to promote its “True love has nothing to hide” Valentine’s Day campaign (and exclusive heart watch to match). And Swatch is truly global in its efforts — in countries where the love holiday isn’t celebrated (like Taiwan), the brand is focusing on the Chinese New Year. 

The strong social signals being sent from Swatch’s Facebook pages around the world, especially France and the Netherlands, led to the brand’s jump this week in the Social Business Index. 

Foot Locker
Analyzed by Lizzie Steen

‘Michael Jordan Mondays’ is Foot Locker’s big weekly Facebook post. Celebrity partnerships are a known quantity in big brand social programs: they just work. In this case, Foot Locker’s social performance was boosted up because of MJ related posts. These have consistently produced upwards of 30,000 likes throughout the series of promotions. 

This week’s MJ post was particularly impressive and received 37,240 likes, 1,638 shares and 384 comments. The comments are amusing, ranging from reflections about MJ’s career to blissful exclamation of praise (followers will post his initials in isolation — MJ). 

By associating Foot Locker’s image with Michael Jordan’s, the company creates a connection to MJ’s enduring legacy. 

Ferrero International
Analyzed by Lizzie Steen

Mondays are hard for all of us. Yet Ferrero International, the Italian chocolate manufacturer, managed to make the day a little less dismal with a Facebook post improving the start of the workweek. By combining positive reinforcement (being able to eat Nutella) with waking up, Nutella made 6,790 people get out of bed or at least post on Facebook. 

The image featured a jar of everyone’s beloved hazelnut spread on a pillow with the headline: Wake-up Tip n09. With 168 comments and 619 shares, Nutella managed to inspire followers and initiate discussion.