Mobile operator O2 has launched a faceless blog called ‘Mum-E’ to support a £6m family-orientated ad campaign. 

I’m baffled as to why the firm has decided to invest a chunk of its marketing budget into what is essentially an anonymous blog. Since when did this sort of thing work?

According to Brand Republic, the firm has recruited a former journalist to write the blog about “how technology is helping her life as a mum”. 

This will then tie into a marketing drive aimed at families, which launches next week across TV, cinema, print and online. 

I’m all for the use of blogs strategically, but to set up an anonymous blog in 2009 to support a brand advertising campaign seems a bit… weird. In these socially transparent times I can’t see any advantage in having a total lack of identity.

Does anybody remember the ill-fated Captain Morgan’s blog? Or the WalMart fake blogger fiasco? People like authenticity and honesty, and in this case it’s hard to see that this will hit the right spot. 

Despite my concerns there’s also Twitter account to support the blog, which also uses the ‘mum-e’ moniker. ‘She’ is wading into various discussions and generally making poor colour choices (I can barely read those links). Perhaps ‘her’ 29 followers will multiply massively once the TV ad drops. It’s early days for Mum-E…

The agency behind the site is VCCP, who created the excellent Comparethemeerkat campaign, but Mum-E doesn’t have the same ring to it, if you ask me. At least with ‘Aleksandr’ we can put some kind of face to a name, and vice versa. 

I don’t know. Maybe it’s some kind of search engine play? Or perhaps a rabbit / meerkat will be pulled from a hat at some point?

What do you think?