He won the US presidential election in no small part due to a brilliant online strategy, which Barack Obama is encouragingly continuing at his Change.gov website.

Today, the soon-to-be American president launched a new social democracy-in-action feature on the site, The Citizen’s Briefing Book.

On it, Americans (or anyone, really), are invited to submit ideas to
the new administration as well as to rate or comment on other posted
ideas. Like Digg, the most popular ideas rise to the top, and
presumably to the attention of the Commander-in-Chief.

This is
more than an empowering example of online democracy and the tactics
that helped a nation radically change course. It’s a strong example of
how organizations, large or small, can leverage social media to engage
audiences, as well as listen to and presumably address their concerns.
To encourage and facilitate participation, the site is searchable, and
posts are tagged and categorized.

As if the guy doesn’t have enough on his plate before Tuesday’s inauguration!

marketers and analysts should keep an eye on the Briefing Book to glean
best practice ideas for online research, surveys, engagement marketing,
and likely, some surprises we haven’t even thought of yet.