It’s hard to put in perspective how much money goes into a presidential campaign. Obama and Romney have poured their hearts and souls and their supporters’ pocketbooks into a race to take office in 2012. 

A recent infographic by Retargeter shows the difference in online spend during the two candidates’ campaigns. Obama’s is much higher with a spend of 52 million, about 12 million more than it cost to build the Lincoln Memorial.

This online spend is still minute compared to their total budgets. As of October 17, the Democrats have raised 934 million and the Republicans 881.8 million. The republicans have kept a portion back for a strong push this last week. You can see that in the online spend below.

Huffington Post also shows the same last push trend in offline/ TV spend with Republicans spend 41.7 million in the last leg of campaigning and Democrats only spending 23.5 million as they  continue their steady stride forward.

A lot will be learned in this integrated marketing approach by the two parties. I expect we’ll be seeing a lot of analysis after the ballot boxes are closed on how effective a multi-screen and multi-platform approach will benefit big brands.

With this kind of marketing spend at their fingertips, our political parties will show us how it can, and will forever more, be done.