OFCOM also revealed that mobile adspend has more than doubled in the UK, to £8.04 per head.

We previously revealed that mobile adspend was up 127% to £429m in the first half of 2013. This is largely due to the roll out of 4G networks and the efficiency of video advertising on mobile.

The UK are global leaders when it comes to spending money on mobile advertising, with only Japan coming close.


An unsurprising revelation from the report also concerns UK tablet use.

A third of UK internet users in 2013 are accessing the internet using a tablet. This is up from 24% on the previous year. The 2012 figure was double from 2011, so it’s possible we’re seeing a gradual plateauing of tablet ownership.

Here’s our report on how tablets now account for more web traffic than smartphones, concluding that although smartphones are more common, tablets offer a far more convenient browsing experience.


The dominance of Google, and its various subsidiaries, as the most popular web property continues unabated across the globe. Although Yahoo! remains clinging to the top spot in the USA.

Search remains of the king of internet properties across the globe.

Here’s our report published earlier today on 12 things you didn’t know about international search marketing, that sheds some more light on global search habits.