In a world of increased celebrity interest and connectivity, it was only a matter of time until someone created a platform to track
the famous among us in real time.

OMGICU launched in April as a real time celebrity sighting service. In the months since its launch, OMGICU has been receiving and retwittering the comings and goings of celebrities in New York and Los Angeles. One popular sighting has been the actor Tracy Morgan. But Hugh Dornbush, president of OMGICU quickly realized that the amusing “30 Rock” star is not on Twitter. The actor, known for his public antics and odd wit, seems a natural for a service like Twitter. But Morgan hasn’t signed on.

So Dornbush made it OMGICU’s mission to get Tracy Morgan on Twitter. And if it helps OMGICU generate more users for its site, all the better.

Morgan, who is known for his odd daliances and public excursions,
has become something of a cult celebrity around New York, and his
antics around the city are often strikingly similar to those of his character on “30 Rock.”

Dornbush sees his lack of a Twitter presence as a void in the market. A few months ago, he found
a dormant Twitter acount for a user named Mango1580 whose bio reads
“real name – Tracy Morgan.” This person wrote one tweet, the poetic
“work work work. oops farted.” The account has since been suspended,
but that one tweet garnered 9,173 followers.

“If that’s not unmet demand,” says Dornbush, “I don’t know what is.”

Dornbush set out to fix this problem. He filmed a great video on the subject, which you can watch here:

Dornbush says they are simply filling a void in the market:

“We had
gotten so many interesting sightings of Tracy Morgan. When people were
observiing his life and sharing it, they were really interesting

A few sample sightings of Morgan on OMGICU:

RUL23: “Just saw Tracy Morgan driving a Yellow Lamborghini with a blond woman listening to Sade”

janice: “tracy morgain is walking around soho eating blueberries looking confused”

To help in their cause, OMGICU launched a Twitter campaign last night and a website: Since then, Twacy mentions have been rising on Twitter, and the campaign has made it to Buzzfeed‘s homepage. Even NBC’s official “30 Rock” Twitter feed has signed on, writing today:

“I support ‘s mission to bring Tracy Morgan to Twitter “Court? At night? I’m already laughing” #twacy”

If you agree that Tracy Morgan needs to be on Twitter, you can go to and share your feelings to get the “30 Rock” star up and tweeting. will then pick a Tracy bon mot at random to populate your Twitter feed and share with your friends.

The marketing campaign may not directly promote the brand of OMGICU, but there is a good deal of serendipitous overlap. Twitter users who care about getting Tracy on Twitter are also likely to care about other celebrities. And it brings in many web surfers who might not have sought out OMGICU otherwise.

As Dornbush puts it:

“The whole point of this thing is trying to rally the internet to draft someone into the conversation. If Tracy Morgan decided to do this, he’d get to a million followers in a day or two.  Until Tracy Morgan actually joins Twitter, you can follow what he’s doing by following him on OMGICU.”

OMGICU is working on this effort with social media PR firm Attention. Also, they just started a partnership with 4INFO, an SMS ad network. So in addition to the launch of its new website, tweets sent out by OMGICU now help the company bring in revenue.

Says Dornbush:

“The whole point is to get a lot of people to look at the site and convert some of them to users. If they like it, it’s super easy to sign in.”