Samsung Smart TV owners have an average of nine apps installed on their device, according to a new report by Rovi.

The survey of 500 Smart TV owners also found that video content delivery apps such as BBC iPlayer, BBC News and LoveFilm are the most frequently used apps.

But alongside content apps, Rovi’s survey found there is a desire for more utility apps such as banking, betting and shopping services.

Parents also indicated an interest in games and educational apps for their children.

The dominance of video apps is hardly surprising, and does perhaps show that app developers are struggling to find a use for Smart TVs beyond simply delivering on-demand content.

In our Connected TV Smart Pack, Lovelace Consulting director Graham Lovelace says that it is likely that non-video apps will struggle to gain popularity.

The vast majority of non-video apps simply aren’t worth using on the main screen when they’re available in a faster, more convenient and personalised format on a smartphone or tablet while watching TV.

Similarly, innovation in connected TV apps is being held back by the sheer number of different devices available, although this is being made easier by companies such as the TV App Agency that can create apps that work across a number of products.

However in the short term, it makes sense for developers to focus on Samsung’s Smart TV.

In a talk at Econsultancy’s Future of Digital Marketing conference Easel TV director Rob Walk estimated that there are currently 23m Samsung Smart TVs in the US and a further 3.7m in the UK.

There are currently around 7m connected TVs in the UK, so Samsung currently owns 50% of the market. Of the rest, TiVO has around 0.9m customers while Panasonic, Sony and Philips make up the remaining 2.5m.

Walk predicted that by 2014 there would be 28m connected TVs in use in the UK, with much of the growth being driven by on-demand content apps such as the iPlayer.