Each new fan acquired by retailers on Facebook equates to 20 extra visits to its website over the course of the year, according to new stats.

According to Robin Goad from Hitwise, each ‘top’ retailer on Facebook can expect to receive an average of 62,000 visits per month from Facebook, even if they have no fans. 

To arrive at this figure of 20 visits, Hitwise took the top 100 retailers ranked in the Shopping and Classifieds category and benchmarked visits to their websites against the number of fans on their Facebook pages.

The data for 12 weeks ending 18 June 2011 shows that fashion brands seem to be making the most of Facebook, with a much higher proportion of searches after a visit to the social network: 

The figures show that consumers are 54% more likely to search for TopShop, which currently has almost 1.5m fans on the site, after a visit to Facebook. If the one fan, 20 visits stat was applied to TopShop, this would mean Facebook is sending up to 30m visits per year. 

The dominance of fashion brands in this top ten echoes the findings from a recent look at retailer’s fan numbers on Facebook, and the growth of their followings.

TopShop has really focused on social media, and seems to have built up a much larger following than other UK retailers, with almost 175,000 followers on Twitter. 

Content is regularly updated on its Facebook page to keep ‘fans’ interested, and it uses exclusive deals and interactive content to keep people interested and drive traffic to its e-commerce site. 

The figures suggest that this is working well so far, but the real test is how much of this traffic converts into sales.