Christmas is always a busy time of year, so it comes as no surprise that consumers turn to ecommerce for a convenient way to get their shopping done. 

A new Econsultancy survey found that in the UK a majority of people (61%) said that they completed more than half or all of their Christmas shopping online in 2013, while just 7% completed all of their shopping offline.

In the US the results were similarly slanted in favour of ecommerce with 50% of respondents completing more than half of their Christmas shopping online.

However US consumers were also twice as likely to solely rely on brick-and-mortar stores, as 16% said they didn’t do any shopping online.

The findings come from the second annual Econsultancy Christmas 2013 Online Shopping Survey Report, which interviewed 2,000 US and UK consumers in January using Toluna QuickSurveys.

How much of your Christmas shopping was done online this year?

Year-on-year comparison

Comparing the results year-on-year shows that the propensity to shop online has remained fairly consistent in the UK.

In 2013 21% of UK respondents carried out all of their Christmas shopping online and 40% did more than half online. In 2012 both numbers were just 1% lower at 20% and 39% respectively.

However in the US there was a more notable shift towards ecommerce, as the proportion of people completing all of their shopping online increased from 11% to 17%, while those doing all their shopping in-store decreased by a similar amount to 16%.

How much of your Christmas shopping was done online this year? (US vs. UK)

We’ve previously published statistics on the Econsultancy blog that highlight the record-breaking online sales figures that were achieved over the Christmas period.

According to the British Retail Consortium, online sales in December grew 19.2% compared to 2012, the fastest increase in four years.

Separate data from Experian Hitwise shows that Boxing Day 2013 was the biggest and busiest day ever for online retailers in Britain. Internet users made 129m visits to retail websites on Boxing Day, a 15% year-on-year increase, and spent a total of 17m hours browsing and shopping online.

For more stats, download our Christmas 2013 Online Shopping Survey Report (free to registered users).