Research from comScore has detailed the habits of US digital music player owners, finding that they are likely to have an above-average income, and thus represent an attractive target for electronics marketers.

These consumers are more tech-savvy than the average surfer, and were found to be fans of online shopping – 49% believe online is the best way to shop, while 94% had made online purchases in the past six months.

The research also found that:

• 27% of all Internet users currently own one or more digital players.

37% are aged between 18 and 34.

• 36% have an annual household income above $75,000; they are 66% more likely to have an income above $150,000 than the average internet user.

• They are more than twice as likely to own web-enabled games consoles, and 57% more likely to own a flat screen or plasma TV.   

• Digital player owners are less likely to be TV addicts – 45% watch less than 19 hours of TV a week. By comparison, only 38% of Internet users watch less than 19 hours of TV every week

• This group are more likely to use the Internet while watching TV and visit related sites. They are also 40% more likely to research products than the average Internet user.

• These consumers tend to be keen internet users, with 83% going online seven days a week.

This research appears to back up an earlier survey by the Consumer Electronics Association, which highlighted differences between ‘searchers’ and ‘non-searchers’.

Searchers were more likely to be clued up on the latest technology and spend more time researching and comparing electronics products on search engines.