Kaizen is a content marketing agency dedicated to developing the backlink profile of clients through high-quality, data-led content, with a focus on using technology to develop accuracy, speed, and clarity of reporting.

Our PR team uses technology to A/B test headlines and constantly review content performance. To support the reporting of campaign backlinks, Kaizen has developed a unique tool called “Klipr”, allowing us to save time, effort, and money by reporting on links using an automated API.

Kaizen translates as “continuous improvement” and this is a core component of the company. Rigorous and frequent reviews of in-house technology are used to develop new tools and resources, such as SEO analysis templates and contact list builders, which in turn improve team efficiency.

Over the last year, we have been named The Drum’s “Content Marketing Agency of the Year” and featured in Deloitte’s Fast 50 UK 2018 and the Startups 100. Meanwhile, Klipr is due to be launched as an independent product by the end of 2019. Our aim is to develop Klipr into other relevant industry tools, providing a single, coherent platform for managing PR and content with a minimum of difficulty.

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