Wigwam’s roots are in search marketing and website development. In the past year, the agency has evolved to focus more on branding and digital strategy (in the realms of digital design, search and social media) as its network of staff and clients has expanded.

Wigwam was founded on the idea that an agency could do great work while remaining flexible and mobile, creating a balanced work-life environment for all those involved. It has a tight-knit core team and operates on a model that involves freelancers from project to project, ensuring the needs of its clients and staff can be satisfied as best possible.

The agency cares about going beyond conventional business practices and strives to support causes that focus on bringing about positive change. The team’s love of travel and desire to do great work brought about the agency ethos. If these can be combined and allow the agency to do something that helps the world, then Wigwam is more than happy.

Continued growth also allowed Wigwam to host its first event “Do Good”, which focused on bringing together individuals and organisations that shares the agency’s vision of facilitating positive social and environmental change through business practices.

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