Increasing online spend helped the UK ad market grow 3% to £4.2bn in the first quarter, the highest Q1 increase since 2005, according to new Advertising Association (AA) figures.

Only the outdoor, cinema, and internet sectors saw an increase in spending, with the web ad market growing 42% from the first quarter of 2006.

Print and broadcast media ad revenues declined, according to the AA figures, with regional press and business magazines seeing the biggest drop. They fell by 3.8% and 6.6% respectively, while total press advertising was down 3.3% to just under £1.6bn.

Meanwhile, TV ad revenue dropped 0.8% to £962m and radio ad revenue fell 1.8% to £127m.

The report said the online ad market was worth £2.01bn last year, when internet ad spend surpassed that on national newspaper advertising for the first time.

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